Efficient data transfer and customised follow-up campaigns result in improved click rates

Case study

VKF Renzel distributes sales promotion-related products and services. The email marketing channel plays a significant role in promoting leaflet holders, stands and other items from the online shop. Mailings are sent to customers and interested parties in 16 countries. The company benefits from the connection of the email marketing solution, Inxmail Professional, to the OXID eShopsystem and the web analysis tool, econda.

Practical example


Greater efficiency with newsletter creation

Newsletters are an important sales driver for VKF Renzel. All items should be presented in email campaigns in such a way that they encourage customers to make a purchase. The wide range of products and large number of shops in various languages require technical support and consulting in terms of email marketing.

The creation of mailings was previously associated with high costs. Product data from the online shops was transferred manually – for newsletters in 16 different countries. Connection of the email marketing solution to the OXID eShop system was therefore right at the top of the list of requirements.

A newsletter template in the design of the online shop was also required, which would enable simplenewsletter creation and, at the same time, a professional appearance.Web tracking was also due to be connected for more target-oriented communication.


Optimum product presentation in the newsletter

Sales promotion experts regularly send information about special promotions, new products or items appropriate to the season by newsletter. In the spring, for example, stands for outdoor advertising are promoted.

The mailing design matches the online shop. Colours, buttons and other elements are taken from the website. Standardised communication via both channels ensures a high recognition factor.

Regardless whether the layout is in single or multiple columns – the products are presented in the newsletter in the best possible way: Large images and highlighted prices allow the reader to assimilate key content quickly – no matter whether the newsletter is read on a PC, smartphone or tablet. A continuation button leads directly to the shop. All this contributes towards giving the customer a shopping experience that leads them to make a purchase.


Efficient transfer of product data

The link between the OXID eShop and Inxmail Professional allows content from all VKF Renzel online shops to be integrated easily into the newsletters for the individual countries. Only product numbers or product IDs need to be provided for this purpose. Text, images and prices are integrated into the mailing automatically and can be edited where required.

This can be done using a newsletter template from Inxmail. The template also offers the option of providing parameters for the econda Web analysis tool. This means that VKF Renzel can evaluate all further interactions of newsletter recipients in the online shop and use information specifically to optimise future campaigns.


Accelerated workflow

Increasing efficiency when creating mailings was one of VKF Renzel’s main requirements. The result is clear for all to see: Copy editors only need half the time they needed before the introduction of the email marketing solution. This leaves more resources for important matters: the content itself and its optimisation.

The figures prove that the new-look mailings are well received:

  • The average open rate is 34 per cent.
  • Newsletters, which are aimed specifically at individual sectors, achieve click rates of up to 14 per cent and click-to-open rates of over 50 per cent.

Benefits at a glance

  • Connection of several country shops to the email marketing solution enables central management of email campaigns
  • Efficient transfer of product texts, images and links from the online shop to mailings saves time and reduces sources of error when creating mailings
  • Targeted and customised design of follow-up campaigns to newsletter recipients based on their interests and responses by integrating econda tracking
  • The mailing design matches the online shop and bolsters the recognition factor
  • Optimal presentation of newsletters for the web, smartphones and tablets

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