Modepark Röther: With strategy workshop to excellent key figures

With creative ideas to more clicks in the newsletter and thus to higher sales - that was the goal of Modepark Röther. Through strategic consulting, the family-run company wanted to completely reorganize its email marketing. Modepark Röther hoped that this would bring internal units closer together and thus create synergies. At the same time, data flows were to be optimized to create the basis for personalized email campaigns. The company chose Inxmail as its partner for the technical and conceptual implementation. Ultimately, Modepark Röther helped itself to significantly better key figures and a sustainable success of the email campaigns.


Creating synergies, using data

Modepark Röther can look back on a long history of success: The family-run company sells its fashion both in stationary stores and online. Whether offline or online - the key to a successful sales process lies in targeted email marketing. Fact is: personalized emails have been proven to increase sales. The watering can principle, in which all readers receive the same content, has long since become obsolete. Modepark Röther has also recognized this.

A consulting session with Inxmail brought the company to the conclusion that it needed to reorganize its email marketing. The email marketing benchmark from Inxmail was the decisive factor: the industry comparisons listed in it showed that it was possible - compared to other companies - to achieve better key figures.

Modepark Röther was now faced with the challenge of improving its own key figures and thus increasing sales. They wanted to achieve this through the following measures: Mailing content including product placements targeted to existing and new contacts. The company chose Inxmail as its partner for the technical and conceptual implementation. The focus was on how Modepark Röther could transform its own email marketing as effectively as possible. The company wanted the three units of sales, e-commerce and marketing to move closer together in order to carry out professional email marketing at the highest level.


A workshop for fresh ideas

Well planned: Modepark Röther surprises customers on their birthdays with mailings like this.

The basis for a successful solution was laid in a comprehensive, interactive strategy workshop. Modepark Röther sat down with Inxmail for two days to develop a new concept for email campaigns, including individual recommendations for further action. Team members from Modepark Röther's sales, e-commerce and marketing units came together to talk about their daily challenges. The workshop also included a detailed analysis of previous mailings. With the help of the email marketing benchmark, key success indicators were compared and a better understanding of their significance was created. This provided Modepark Röther with revealing facts to tackle the transformation of email marketing.

On paper, it sounds simple: to generate more sales, Modepark Röther needs more visitors to its stores or online store. The workshop showed how this can best be achieved - namely with mailings whose content and address are perfectly tailored to potential buyers. The keyword is "personalization": Modepark Röther already had valuable customer data - distributed across several systems in different departments. This data was now to be put to better use by linking the different systems to the email marketing tool.

Inxmail analyzed the data flows and how they could be optimized through automatic synchronization between the systems. This brought the three units within Modepark Röther closer together. In a first email campaign after the changeover, the focus was on birthday mailings: with the existing customer data, these mailings could be easily personalized and automated. An individualized voucher in the mailings provides a high incentive to shop at Modepark Röther. The highlight of the campaign: the email is sent ten days before the actual birthday so that the recipients have enough time to store for their perfect outfit for their special day. In the future, further email marketing measures will be implemented piece by piece. As a result, Modepark Röther improves its key figures and can continuously increase its sales.


"Great consulting, great team: After the strategy workshop with Inxmail, we were able to reorganize our email marketing. The key figures got better and our team now works closely together."

Jana Kolbinger
Marketing, Modepark Röther

About Modepark Röther

It all began in 1972. In these 50 years Modepark Röther has grown rapidly. The company is still family-run and regionally rooted. The fashion is loved as much as on the first day. Modepark Röther promises uncomplicated shopping to the complete satisfaction of their customers. This was true 50 years ago, it is true today and it will certainly be true in the future!




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