Creating measurable added value

Effective email marketing

Raise your profile, add new customers, retain existing ones, increase response rates: We provide professional email marketing to help you reach your goals. Discuss your requirements with us. We will work with you to find the right solution for your company, drawing on the technologies, services and expertise we offer to allow you to get closer to your subscribers.

Connected email marketing

Strong customer relations depend and thrive on personal interaction. Knowing more about your recipients allows for more targeted communication with them. Use your editorial content and customer or product data from your IT systems to gain this knowledge. We can help you systematically gear your communications towards the needs of your customers.

CRM systems: Make use of customer data

Your well-maintained CRM system includes everything you need to know about your customers. Use your valuable data for email marketing with a high conversion rate.

eCommerce: Increase sales

Impress your customers with personalised content. This, together with customer data from your eCommerce solutions, provides the basis for effective communication.

Campaign management: efficient marketing

Our campaign management solutions allow you to leverage your cross-selling and up-selling potential.

CMS solutions: connecting content

Link your content management system to Inxmail software solutions. Use your editorial or product-specific content on your website and in your mailings.

ERP data: personalised mailings

All of your customer and product data can be found in your ERP system. Use this valuable data to launch personalised email campaigns.

Social media: Expand your reach

Convert your followers into newsletter subscribers and expand the number of people you reach with your email campaigns.

Custom integration

Exploit synergies and take a more targeted approach to custom communication, thanks to clever integration of your system landscape and email marketing

Make a strong impression using intelligent newsletter templates

Use responsive design to efficiently put your ideas into practice: Whether it comes to simple newsletters or highly personalised email campaigns, our intelligent newsletter templates ease your workload and guarantee visually appealing newsletters and campaigns for your customers.

Get started with comprehensive email marketing tailored to your individual requirements. We would be happy to support you here.

Personalised mailings as unique as your recipients

Leverage your recipient data: Advanced personalisation and segmentation options allow you to get closer to your customers and respond to prospective clients in a more targeted way.

We help you launch campaigns that impress your recipients along the customer journey time and again.

Monitoring email marketing performance for individual communication

Increase your odds of success by identifying what your prospective and current customers want: We provide the information you need to do this. Make use of click and opening rates, information on email clients used or target group comparisons.

Leverage this information to optimise your campaigns and excite readers. If necessary, we will be there to help you analyse key figures and chart out what steps to take next.

Global presence: ensuring your email campaigns reach their intended recipients

We leave nothing to chance: With over 17 years of email marketing experience, our expertise helps ensure your mailings are delivered. We have partnered with major Internet service providers (ISPs) around the world that allow us to provide guaranteed international dispatch.

As a strong proponent of permission-based email marketing, we are fully committed to making sure your messages arrive in the recipients’ inboxes. This is something you and your company can rely on.

Targeted one-to-one emails

Make the shift away from mass marketing towards targeted one-to-one emails to reach your customers. Our solutions allow you to create highly personalised event-driven notifications and trigger and transactional emails. We will help you fully tap the potential of your one-to-one emails and maximise the success of your communication with customers.

Professional transactional emails for the best possible customer journey

Increase customer loyalty and contribute to the economic performance of your company in the process: Take advantage of highly personalised one-to-one emails to leverage the increased interest of your recipients in the purchase process. The wide variety of transactional emails, from customer subscription, to the greeting in the online shop and sending a new password, through to order and dispatch confirmations, provide you with numerous options to impress your customers by creating added value for them.

Our solutions allow you to send effective one-to-one emails along the entire customer journey.

Notification emails increase customer engagement

Increase customer engagement with personalised system emails. Whether it comes to knowledge management platforms, digital communities or mobile apps, numerous systems send automatic notification emails that you can effectively use for email marketing by performing targeted personalisation and implementing automated workflows.

Our solutions allow you to manage all of your system emails centrally and take advantage of our high-performance server infrastructure.

Automated communication with event-related trigger mailings

Use event-driven trigger mails, for example, to commemorate birthdays, mark company anniversaries or when new users subscribe, as a means of setting your newsletter apart from the many other standardised newsletters. Send event-related mailings with personalised content and leverage higher-than-average opening rates to surprise your customers with incentives and extraordinary content.

Impress your customers with highly personalised communication and unique email campaigns that offer them exclusive added value.

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