eCommerce and email marketing: targeted communications for higher sales

Your newsletter helps drive sales for your online shop: Use our solutions to send personalised offers to your customers and integrate their reactions into individual cross-selling and up-selling campaigns. That’s how you turn leads into customers, and purchasers into regulars. We also offer a solution for improving the efficiency of financial controlling, which uses a connection to a Web analytics tool to allow you to constantly monitor sales figures.

Advantages for you

Customised content

Personalised selection of items from online shop in newsletter

Impressed recipients

Use customer reactions across all channels

Cross-selling and up-selling

Make recommendations based on customer preferences

Integration of eCommerce and email marketing

Ecommerce email marketing and newsletter integration

Customised product information in newsletter

Use the connection from your online shop to the Inxmail solutions to turn your newsletter into a platform to advertise your products. Simply add the product data, such as product descriptions, prices and information on current availability, to your newsletters. When the newsletter is sent, the special offers are consistent with those currently found in your online shop. This allows you to only advertise products that interest your customers.

Campaigns created based on customer reactions

Send targeted special offers that appeal to your customers. Personalise your newsletter content based on recipient reactions from the previous newsletter and on buying patterns in the online shop or the last purchase made via the printed catalogue. Interfaces are available to allow you to collect all reactions and, in turn, provide your customers with personal recommendations.

Targeted cross-selling and up-selling

Successful online shops use a targeted approach to send event-based transactional emails: This is a fast, creative and appealing way to showcase related products or accessory items. By knowing your customers, you also know what their preferences are. Integration into the online shop enables you to draw on customer preferences to generate recommendations. This results in a noticeable improvement in conversion rates.

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Shopware: emotional shopping combined with professional email marketing

Relevant product and recipient data is transferred to Inxmail Professional, this being made possible by bidirectional integration.  In the next step, you create the newsletter in Inxmail Professional. The interface to the Shopware shop makes it possible to import prices, images and texts for the showcased products directly from the webshop. After the newsletter has been sent via the whitelisted mail servers, the relevant recipient reactions are transferred back to Magento via the interface.

Inxmail Integration zu SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris: Use remarketing campaigns to win over recipients

Our connection to SAP Hybris allows you to effectively carry out remarketing campaigns. Your campaigns are created based on information regarding customer orders placed at the online shop, which is transferred automatically along with the customer’s master data from the shop to Inxmail. By managing product recommendations, you can offer interesting and relevant content to your customers, allowing you to systematically increase your sales.


Magento: personalised mailings for shop visitors

Market the products from your Magento shop automatically and professionally while addressing the customer personally: Our interface allows you to create modern, sales-boosting mailings with relevant content, making use of our wide range of professional functions. Customer and product data is transferred automatically from your shop system.


econda: Convert non-completed orders into purchases

Email marketing for shopping carts: Personalised follow-up campaigns can be created based on recipient reactions from a mailing. And if that wasn’t enough, you can use the remarketing plug-in to generate mailings in response to non-completed orders. This provides a targeted approach to reach customers who add items to their cart but do not complete the purchase.


OXID eShop: personalised newsletter content for increased relevance and efficiency

Our interface to the OXID eShop shop solution allows you to automatically market products and services offered online in a highly personalised manner. Seamless integration into your email marketing ensures that product data is imported from your online shop both efficiently and intelligently. As a result, you can create more relevant mailings with higher opening and click rates.

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