Sweet initial spark: increased sales with personalized email marketing

Case study: digital transformation

Just one successful email campaign can change everything - and even transform classic methods. In the case of VOGEL'S Süsse-Werbe-Ideen, it was gummy bears that provided the initial spark for digital transformation. Because everything focused on the sweet fruit gums in the company's first, purely digital marketing campaign - with outstanding results: 200 percent more leads. Highly personalized email marketing was the key to success. However, the software used for this played a decisive role.    


Extending classic marketing channels

VOGEL'S Süsse-Werbe-Ideen has been producing sweets with an advertising effect since 1989. Typically for the industry, until a few years ago the company primarily relied on marketing campaigns in print form. In 2018, Managing Director Sandro Fiorilli decided to take a new approach: Instead of relying purely on print marketing activities, a customer campaign on promotional gummy bears started exclusively digitally via email marketing. The company wanted to send personalized, visually appealing mailings to existing customers. The content of the mailings was filled out automatically. VOGEL'S Süsse-Werbe-Ideen wanted to achieve all of this together with the email marketing software from Inxmail.

This is because purely digital campaigns save the printing, shipping and postage costs of a print mailing. In addition, customers can be contacted by email with greater frequency and in a more target-group-specific manner. Tracking makes it easier to understand the success of a campaign. Emails also make it possible to test which content performs best and derive follow-up campaigns from this. Thanks to the dynamic content within the mailings, the company hopes to be able to respond to customer wishes in a very fine-grained way. To master these challenges, a good email marketing solution is needed that can cover precisely these aspects.

Sweet initial spark: The purely digital campaign for promotional gummy bears marked the beginning of a new marketing direction.


Success with data-driven personalization

Today, VOGEL's Süsse-Werbe-Ideen pursues multi-channel campaigns that cleverly combine the digital and analog worlds.

VOGEL'S Süsse-Werbe-Ideen was already using Inxmail. However, the newsletters were initially merely the counterpart to the print news, without more intensively addressing the strengths of the email channel. This changed with the campaign for the gummy bears. The basis was formed by email templates that were optimally tailored to email marketing. Thanks to Inxmail's many years of expertise in the industry, the templates were designed to perform as best as possible as newsletters. Thanks to the integration of the Inxmail software, all data from VOGEL'S Süsse-Werbe-Ideen's leading CRM system flowed into the mailings. This allowed personalized newsletters to be sent to existing customers.

Success was at hand, and not long in coming: In contrast to previous print campaigns, the gummy bear campaign achieved a 200 percent higher conversion rate. For VOGEL'S Süsse-Werbe-Ideen, this was the initial spark to focus more on email marketing. Today, the company has interwoven its marketing campaigns cross-medially and is constantly pushing forward with the digital transformation: For example, physical samples are sent out and then referred to digitally by email a short time later. This creates many points of contact with customers. The mailings that VOGEL'S Süsse-Werbe-Ideen sends out via Inxmail are enriched with data from other systems. As a result, readers receive exactly the content they are interested in - and that is what email marketing is all about if you want to be successful.

Thanks to the intensive collaboration and strong support from the Inxmail team, we have been able to develop the email channel into our highest-revenue distribution channel and develop major cost advantages compared to our traditional print campaigns. Thanks to the close merging of email campaigns with our catalogs, the VOGEL's Group has become a cross-media player thanks to Inxmail technology and has even been able to further strengthen its leading role in B2B direct sales in the Germany/Austria/Switzerland region as a result.

Sandro Fiorilli
Managing Director, VOGEL´S Süsse-Werbe-Ideen GmbH & Co.KG

About VOGEL'S Süsse-Werbe-Ideen GmbH & Co. KG

The VOGELʼs Group is one of the leading suppliers of sweet promotional products in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. What makes it unique is the combination of in-house confectionery production and the use of state-of-the-art and innovative printing technologies. The company was founded in 1989 and is based in Endingen am Kaiserstuhl.




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