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Case study

PSD Bank Berlin-Brandenburg managed to generate new high-quality leads in an incredibly easy and legally compliant fashion through the virtual Advent calendar on its website. The profits were clearly related to the region and positively contributed to the brand. And by the way, more recipients are now reading the monthly newsletter than ever before. The interactive Advent calendar was a complete success in every respect.

At a glance

  • The Advent calendar is an efficient way to generate new high-quality leads in a legally compliant fashion.
  • The Advent calendar helps strengthen the relationship with existing customers and raise product and brand awareness.
  • Inxmail takes care of the Advent calendar from the implementation through to the smooth running of the campaign. All the client has to do is to provide the relevant content (text, images and logos).


Generating and processing good leads in a legally compliant fashion

An Advent calendar campaign on the website – PSD Bank Berlin-Brandenburg had already implemented this idea before, but without a consistent integration into email marketing. When Inxmail called to find out about the Advent calendar service, they were immediately impressed by the far-reaching idea. PSD Bank normally relies on personal contact with its customers – particularly in the course of numerous events. The Covid-19 pandemic and the social distancing that has come with has meant that other concepts are needed to ensure customer loyalty. The Advent calendar arrived at just the right point in time during the Christmas season to offer customers a pleasant distraction and online opportunities for interaction.

In addition, you could definitely benefit from generating new addresses and enriching profile data in a legally compliant fashion through an Advent calendar campaign.


A winner every day

PSD Bank used all touchpoints to draw their customers’ attention to the Advent calendar. Cards that could be used to register for the Advent calendar campaign were displayed at the ATMs. The Advent calendar was advertised in the customer magazine and the newsletter. You could also register for the Advent calendar on the website and via Facebook.

In order to be able to take part in the Advent calendar, interested parties had to register using the corresponding form on the website. After confirming the double opt-in, the participants received a login email which they could use to access the Advent calendar. This way they could virtually open a new door every day in the run-up to Christmas and take part in the daily raffle. Interested parties also received a separate double opt-in mailing for the newsletter. Both double opt-ins could be confirmed or rejected independently of one another.

The prizes for the Advent calendar had been obtained from regional companies and providers, such as a regional wine package, a voucher for the restaurant in the TV tower, or day tickets for the local spa. A winner was randomly selected from among the participants every day. The corresponding profits promoted regional recognition and the positive image for the companies and their employees, as well as for the PSD Bank.

It was possible to withdraw from the campaign and unsubscribe from all other related information services at any time by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ link in the relevant mailing.

„The PSD Advent calendar was a resounding success. In the first few days after the publication, we generated hundreds of new email addresses, strengthened our brand and, at the same time, supported companies and partners on site. That was very well received both by our customers and the bank’s team."

Stefanie Voigt, Marketing Manager, PSD Bank Berlin-Brandenburg


Convenient redirecting to new addresses

The Advent calendar service could be mapped out using Inxmail ProfessionalNo external system was involved or required. All customer and response data (such as cancellations) relating to the Advent calendar campaign are managed and saved in Inxmail Professional.

The registration data for the Advent calendar was sent directly to the Inxmail database and automatically triggered the dispatch of two double opt-in mailings: one for confirming participation in the advent calendar and one for consenting to the newsletter. After confirming the advent calendar, the participant automatically receives a mailing with a unique link to the Advent calendar, which they can use to open a new door every day.

If you lose this link, you can easily request via the corresponding input field on the website.

The most challenging task for PSD Bank was to organise the profits and to provide images, text, colours and logos for the mailings and the virtual Advent calendar itself. Inxmail took care of the implementation, such as the design of the landing page and the mailings, and ensured that the process and functionalities ran smoothly.


Activate – retain – reactivate

„We coordinated our efforts directly with the Inxmail team and, in just a few weeks, set up a calendar that was tailored to our specific requirements."
Stefanie Voigt, Marketing Manager, PSD Bank Berlin-Brandenburg

PSD Bank’s investment in the Advent calendar service has paid off, so a decision has already been made to repeat the campaign in 2021. The success of the campaign is measured by the fact:

  • The number of new leads generated during the promotional period has tripled.
  • The opening rate in the campaign newsletters has increased by almost 10 per cent.
  • The click rate in the campaign newsletters was three to four times as high as before.
  • No large-scale numbers of people unsubscribing from the newsletter in January and February, so a real gain and more recipients in the mailing list.

Regardless of this, the Advent calendar had a positive effect on customer loyalty and, at the same time, contributed to strengthening the brand and raising the product awareness. No specific results have been achieved in this regard.

The new high-quality email addresses were generated in a legally compliant fashion. Information has been to the profiles in the address data (such as title, first name and surname), now allowing a more direct address. The exciting topics and attractive prizes might grab the interest of lapsed customers and bring them back into a regular dialogue.

„We are very pleased that we were able to support PSD Bank Berlin-Brandenburg in lead generation and customer retention through the virtual Advent calendar in the special times of social distancing. PSD Bank filled the advent calendar with great ideas and thus sustainably strengthened its brand among all participants and successfully achieved the set goals. We are pleased with PSD Bank about so much positive feedback on the Christmas campaign."

Aljoscha Lachmann, Head of Consulting, Inxmail GmbH

About PSD Bank Berlin-Brandenburg

PSD Bank Berlin-Brandenburg is a value-oriented cooperative bank for the Berlin and Brandenburg region with over 145 years of tradition.

PSD, which stands for [Post-, Spar- und Darlehensverein] (Post, Savings and Loan Association), dates back to the time when it was founded as a self-help facility for postal service employees. Today, the bank provides support to 78,000 private and corporate customers from all professional fields and business areas. Since 2015, its business operations have also included the leasing of its own real estate.

True to the principle ‘From the region – for the region’, PSD Bank Berlin-Brandenburg supports and initiates non-profit projects in the fields of social welfare, education, health, culture and environmental protection.


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