Email marketing with Inxmail Professional: Flexible, powerful and reliable

Inxmail Professional, our proven email marketing solution, allows you to deliver highly personalised newsletters and email campaigns. Intelligent newsletter templates, powerful interfaces to third-party systems, a high degree of deliverability and outstanding service lay the groundwork for effective email marketing and holistic communication.

All functions at a glance

Mailings and automation

Newsletter editing


Newsletter templates

Recipient management

Testing options

Secure deliverability


Sending options




Customer support

Mailings and automation

Manage all types of mailings via workflows that ensure you reach your recipients.

  • Use different types of mailings: newsletters, trigger mailings, event mailings and so on.
  • Predefined workflows for event-related, automated mailings such as birthday and anniversary greetings or reminders.
  • Automated content transfer from external systems such as editorial content or customer and product data.

Newsletter editing made easy

Create persuasive mailings in the blink of an eye.

  • User-friendly mail editor.
  • Quickly and easily create mailings using Inxmail Professional smart templates, which feature a building block system.
  • Create text, HTML and multipart mailings.
  • Possibility of parallel editing of multiple mailings by one editor.
  • Approval processes for cooperation with colleagues and agencies.
  • Enter text in all character sets, even Russian and Chinese.

Personalise campaigns

Address your recipients personally.

  • Customisation and personalisation of all mailing content.
  • Segmentation of recipients.
  • Easily create target groups using predefined workflows.
  • Target groups can be assigned for articles, mailings and attachments.
  • Use of individual responses for automated follow-up campaigns in the customer life cycle.
  • Control sending in keeping with individual subscriber behaviour.
  • Options to integrate countdown timers and weather data or geodata.
  • Coupon code plug-in for individual use of coupons and barcodes.

Newsletter templates with smart template technology

Concentrate on your content – our newsletter templates let you optimise your branding using responsive design.

  • High-performance, mobile-optimised newsletter templates.
  • Customisable and flexible.
  • Optimal display on desktops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Possibility of automatic content transfer from product data from CMS, CRM and online shop systems.
  • Mailings and dynamic landing pages to match your corporate design.
  • Broad range of newsletter templates tailored to your needs.
  • Modular building block system for quickly putting together mailings.

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Recipient management

Easy, legally compliant management of your recipient data.

  • Conveniently import and export an unlimited number of recipients.
  • Ensure legal compliance by logging subscriptions and unsubscriptions.
  • Covers all common subscribe and unsubscribe procedures (double opt-in).
  • Blocking of recipients through an internal blacklist.
  • Import automation of recipient data in CSV file format.
  • Creation of Web forms for subscriptions and unsubscriptions as well as for expanding and changing recipient profiles.
  • Data management in as many mailing lists as desired, with as many columns as desired.

Testing options

Get better and better with each mailing, thanks to a wide range of testing options.

  • Extensive quality assurance tests prior to dispatch.
  • Split tests for sender addresses, subject lines and sending times.
  • Multi-variable tests to compare various mailing elements, such as banner graphics, call-to-action buttons and article images.
  • Spam test to review mailings for signs of spam prior to dispatch.
  • Display test of mailings in the most common email programs
    (Web, desktop and mobile clients).
  • Link test to detect invalid links.
  • Personalisation test through freely configurable recipient profiles.
  • Integrated preview of HTML mailings with blocked images.

Marketing Automation

Manage campaigns very quickly and efficiently.


Email marketing and CRM system: a higher level of inter-connectedness.


Use newsletters to communi-cate individual cross- and upselling campaigns.

Secure deliverability

Ensure that emails arrive securely – worldwide.

  • Problem-free dispatch thanks to failsafe connection to mail and database servers.
  • Freely selectable sender domains and authentication with the most common methods, such as the Sender Policy Framework (SPF), DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), DMARC and Sender ID.
  • Secure, reliable delivery through highly effective review of mailings for spam features.
  • Germany-based hosting for absolute data security and legal compliance.
  • Inxmail is authenticated as a serious sender by all major Internet service providers. Among other things, we are a founding member of the Certified Senders Alliance.
  • We maintain direct contact with international service providers.
  • Proactive monitoring of deliveries for our customers.
  • Provision of custom recommendations if delivery problems are identified.

Our certifications

Reports and performance monitoring

Better performance through meaningful reports and analyses.

  • Cross-campaign performance monitoring.
  • Real-time reporting on the most important key figures in email marketing (open rate, click rate, response rate and so on).
  • Visual link evaluation of click rates on the newsletter interface (overlay report).
  • Comparative analysis for mailings.
  • Reaction report that tracks reactions over time.
  • Simple export of all evaluation data.
  • Subscription and unsubscription statistics for recipient data.
  • Analysis of the email clients used.
  • Statistics on mail servers.
  • Graphic and statistical reports.

Sending options

Provide the right information for the right customers at the right time.

  • Dispatch at specific times.
  • Target group-oriented dispatch.
  • Test dispatch to individual recipients.
  • Multi-stage campaigns with automated bulk emails.
  • Dispatch of SMS, MMS and faxes via specialised providers.
  • Controlled dispatch.

Returns management and bounce management

Simple list hygiene and bounce management.

  • Comprehensive bounce management.
  • Automatic detection of hard and soft bounces.
  • Automated processing of undeliverable emails (list hygiene).
  • Categorisation and forwarding of recipient reactions.

IT connection and integrations

We offer best-of-breed solutions for ultimate flexibility and performance. Flexible, highly effective integration of email marketing into your system landscape – make use of what you have.

  • Includes Inxmail Professional RPC API (for Java, PHP5 or .NET) for connection to third-party systems.
  • REST API (beta) for high-performance, quick connections to Web-based and mobile solutions.
  • Connection to CRM, ERP, CMS, online shop and campaign management systems, as well as Web analysis tools.
  • Existing integrations for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce CRM, Dymatrix DynaCampaign, CAS genesisWorld, Magento, Shopware, OXID eShop, econda, Webtrends, various social networks and many additional systems.
  • Plug-in interface offers many options to enhance Inxmail Professional by including additional customised functions, such as the coupon code plug-in.
  • Inxmail Professional DBSync for automated synchronisation of recipient data from external databases.
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Use Inxmail Professional to meet your specific needs.

  • With Inxmail Professional ASP you use our infrastructure to dispatch your mailings in a very convenient way. Invoicing is carried out in keeping with our appealing price structures, which can be highly customised to suit your needs.
  • Can be used internationally thanks to multi-language interface in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Turkish and Chinese.
  • All of your clients can be managed via a central login and are shown clearly.

Documentation and customer support

Support for your work.

  • Integrated online help and a comprehensive manual.
  • Detailed documentation for Inxmail Professional RPC and the REST API.
  • Comprehensive and customised support service with rapid response times.
  • Wide range of services.
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