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Emails as unique as your customers

Inxmail Professional is our powerful, flexible software for personalised newsletters and automated email campaigns. You get to know your target group better, reach your recipients with the right messages and boost your sales – with a measurable effect – with this solution. Use Inxmail Professional independently or network the solution with systems such as your CRM, online shop, CMS or campaign management tool.

  • Data security and legal compliance for your email marketing
  • Reliably delivered mailings, worldwide
  • Interfaces to the systems you already use
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Our flexible interfaces

Inxmail Professional adds flexible interfaces including a connector to the systems that you already use, from your CRM system through to your online shop and campaign management tool. This means that each system does exactly what it does best. Intelligent data flows simplify your processes and leave you with a standardised database. Your recipients enjoy customised offers, while you achieve measurably higher click rates and long-term customer loyalty.

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Reliably delivered emails, worldwide

Benefit from our powerful and failsafe technology hosted exclusively in Germany. We are partnered with all major Internet service providers (ISP) and operate continuous monitoring to guarantee the maximum delivery rates. This means you can trust that your emails end up in your recipients’ inboxes quickly and reliably, worldwide.

Legally compliant processes

Our servers are hosted exclusively in Germany and meet the most stringent data protection requirements. Inxmail Professional has the technical requirements needed to process your data in a legally compliant manner, giving you peace of mind. As a founder member of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA), we’re also committed to permission-based e-mail marketing.

Emails as unique as your recipients

Address your recipients personally with Inxmail Professional. You can use your customers’ information, preferences and requirements to personalise mailings in a targeted manner and significantly increase the success of your email campaigns. Choose modules and placeholders for personalised content that are automatically filled with editorial content, customer or product information from your online shop or CMS when they are sent.

Individual service, from consulting to implementation

We use our years of experience to provide you with the precise services a successful email marketing campaign needs, from consultation to implementation. We have already won a number of awards for our close relationships with our customers. As a best-of-breed provider, we also maintain close relationships with a range of agencies and technology providers. We work hand in hand with these partners to deliver your requirements – to the benefit of both your company and your end customers.

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Email marketing – step by step

The right feature for every scenario

Conveniently import and export recipients

An end to manual list maintenance: load as many recipients into Inxmail Professional as you like from a file or as a CSV via important automation. Alternatively, synchronise your data automatically to systems such as CRM on your online shop via an interface. If needed, you can manage your data across multiple distribution lists with differing number of columns.

Target groups for individually addressing recipients

Assign your recipients into different target groups using predefined workflows. You can then use these target groups to send various product recommendations, individual mailings or attachments. Content oriented to target groups allows you to increase your recipients’ level of interest and strengthen customer loyalty.

Legally compliant subscribe/unsubscribe procedures

Implement all common subscribe and unsubscribe procedures with Inxmail Professional. Process templates such as double opt-in mean you always meet the most stringent of data protection requirements. The software also ensures logs are created and stored in a legally compliant manner so that you can provide information about the type and scope of subscriptions and unsubscriptions at any time.

Valid database thanks to bounce management

Inxmail Professional independently processes emails that cannot be delivered due to unavailable email addresses or full mailboxes, and marks them as hard or soft bounce. This means you benefit from well-maintained mailing lists and permanently ensure high delivery rates.

Web forms to enrich your database

Inxmail Professional offers you predefined workflows to create web forms and integrate them into your website. This allows your recipients to update their personal data themselves. Plus, you can get to know your recipients better by asking them about their preferences and for information you can use to personalise communication such as their date of birth or their interests. Unsubscription management runs independently in the software so that your data is always up to date.

Optimum appearance on all end devices

Our professional templates allow you to design your newsletters and mailings easily using a modular principle based on your requirements, in line with your corporate design and without the need for programming skills. The design of the templates is optimised for mobile devices, ensuring that your content is displayed in a visually appealing way on all end devices, regardless of whether it’s on desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Save resources with automation

Create and manage newsletters, trigger mailings, follow-up campaigns or event mailings centrally in one solution. Inxmail Professional provides predefined workflows for event-related and automated mailings such as birthday and anniversary greetings or reminders.

Create mailings using a modular building block system

Inxmail Professional’s user-friendly mail editor lets you create mailings quickly and easily using a modular building block system. Implement text, HTML and multipart mailings. Assign editors editing and approval roles in the software and guarantee optimal collaboration with colleagues and agencies.

Integration of real-time content

Surprise your recipients with special content and modules in your mailings: use the voucher code plug-in to generate incentives for your recipients and integrate individual vouchers or barcodes into your mailings. Plus, you can make an impact with countdown timers as well as weather or geographical information that is adjusted to the local conditions when the mailing is opened.

Meaningful reporting for improved performance

Optimise your campaigns based on numerous analyse and tracking options. Inxmail Professional analyses all the important key figures in real time and provides you with clear evaluations, allowing you to know how successful your dispatch is at a glance. You can also compare your mailings, create response reports or analyse the email clients used. All analysis data can be exported.

Testing for continuous improvement

Inxmail Professional offers numerous testing options to check links, presentation, spam criteria and other quality factors. The software points out all eventualities. In addition, you can use split tests to trial subject lines, content, layouts, sender addresses or sending times with a small group to make sure you send the most successful options to your entire recipient group.

Leverage the preferences of your recipients

Information about your recipients’ responses such as open and click rates is transferred back to your connected systems such as your CRM or online shop and continuously enriches your database. Use this information to manage automated targeted follow-up campaigns in the customer lifecycle and leverage the preferences of your recipients to increase sales.

Inxmail Professional prices

Customised offer

  • Costs for hosting and administration
  • Deliverability team for optimal deliverability included
  • 2-hour user support per month
  • Optional and individual services

Monthly package

  • Ideal for regular mailings
  • Different monthly volumes possible
  • Low-cost CPM for volume overflow

Annual package

  • Ideal for irregular mailings
  • Book a suitable annual volume and send it flexibly
  • Low-cost CPM for volume overflow

Graduated price scale

  • Complete flexibility in sending volume
  • Calculation based on actual email volume
  • Multi-client capability

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