Professional transactional emails for your marketing automation

Inxmail Commerce is specialised for automated one-to-one emails along the entire customer journey. These include transactional emails related to the order process, such as invoices, confirmations of receipt, dispatch and return confirmations, product evaluations and password reminders or status reports from online portals. Multi-stage and response-based mailing routes are easy to implement.

All functions at a glance

It all starts with one event.

Create and send transactional emails.

Transactional emails along the customer journey.

Marketing automation with the workflow editor.

Make changes in the blink of an eye: master modules.

Tracking and analysis.

Inbox, bounces and returns.

Secure, reliable delivery.

Use of sender domains.

Integrations and connections.

Documentation and customer support.

It all starts with one event

An event in Inxmail Commerce is the triggering moment that makes communication with your customers possible. For example, this can be a first-time registration to your online shop or online portal, the placement of an order or a confirmation of receipt for a return in your ERP system.

  • Automatically integrate data such as name, order data or order number with the event to be triggered in your one-to-one emails.
  • Measure open and click rates for mailings. You can use key findings about your customers’ behaviour and interests to optimise your communication.
  • Check in preview profiles whether the mailings have been correctly displayed.
  • Does your online shop run on Magento or OXID? Key events such as order confirmations, receipt of returns and payment reminders are available for these two systems as a standard.
  • We offer our high-performance REST API for all other systems. You can use it to customise your interface.

Create and send transactional emails

The Mail Builder in Inxmail Commerce makes it very easy to create on-brand, customised and responsive one-to-one mailings.

  • Create highly personalised mailings that attract the greatest possible amount of attention in your customers’ inboxes.
  • Stay true to yourself with on-brand design: The high-performance mailing templates in Inxmail Commerce make this very easy.
  • Send attachments within your mailings.
  • Use split tests to automatically select the most successful version of your mailing.

One-to-one emails along the customer journey

From order to analysis and beyond: Event-related trigger emails help you stand out from the crowd and significantly contribute towards securing customer loyalty.

  • On-brand, customised transactional emails with personalised content do a better job of capturing your customers’ attention.
  • Inxmail Commerce lets you easily create automated mailings for all events along the customer journey: orders, shopping cart abandonment, invoicing, confirmations of receipt, registrations, product availability, returns management and much more.
  • Customise mailings based on your recipients’ interests and purchasing behaviour in your online shop.
  • Implement personalised, targeted cross- and upselling campaigns.
  • Send custom coupons for targeted incentivisation.

Marketing automation with the workflow editor

The workflow editor in Inxmail Commerce makes it very easy to carry out automated dispatch of your one-to-one emails at the right time.

  • Determine the perfect time to send your transactional emails. This lets you incorporate waiting times between the event to be triggered and dispatch.
  • Dispatch mailings to individual target groups. For example, you can send various follow-up mailings in response to a mailing being opened or not being opened.
  • Split tests help you optimise your communication by automatically selecting the most successful version of a mailing.
  • You can arrange and edit mailings and control elements as desired. This lets you quickly respond to changes and new requirements.

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Make changes in the blink of an eye: master modules

Inxmail Commerce includes master modules for efficiently processing transactional emails.

  • It only takes a single action to change content that needs to be adapted in all of your mailings.
  • This means that, in future, you can quickly implement changes to your masthead and additional standard elements.

Tracking and analysis

Events, emails and the links they contain will automatically be provided with trackable features. This will allow you to view all relevant KPIs.

    • Sent emails
    • Opens (unique and total)
    • Clicks (unique and total)
    • CTOR (clicks/opens)
    • Total bounces
    • Hard bounces
    • Soft bounces

Inbox, bounces and returns

  • Clear dispatch information on emails that have and have not been delivered.
  • A special inbox is dedicated to receiving non-delivered emails.
  • Incoming emails will be logically sorted using predefined filters.
  • Forwarding options for incoming emails make processing easier.

Use of sender domains

  • Sign your own sending domain with DKIM. Using your own sending domain increases the professionalism of your email campaigns, as it allows your recipients to clearly associate the sending domains with you.
  • You can manage your sending domains in your own Inxmail Commerce space. This eliminates the need to commission extra work from external providers.

Our certifications

Inxmail Zertifizierungen

Secure, reliable delivery

Ensure that emails arrive securely, passing through the spam filter and landing directly in the recipient’s inbox.

  • Problem-free dispatch thanks to failsafe connection to mail and database servers.
  • Freely selectable sender domains and authentication with the most common methods, such as the Sender Policy Framework (SPF), DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), DMARC and Sender ID.
  • Secure, reliable delivery through highly effective review of mailings for spam features.
  • Germany-based hosting for absolute data security and legal compliance.
  • Inxmail is authenticated as a serious sender by all major Internet service providers. Among other things, we are a founding member of the Certified Senders Alliance.
  • We maintain direct contact with international service providers.
  • Proactive monitoring of deliveries for our customers.
  • Provision of custom recommendations if delivery problems are identified.

Email dispatch system (Mail-Relay)

You can use Inxmail Commerce purely as an email dispatch system.

  • Enjoy all the advantages that we have to offer as deliverability experts. Infrastructure that ensures high delivery rates forms the backbone of all our solutions.
  • Flexible and seamless integration of your source system(s) with the Inxmail Commerce REST API.
  • The Inxmail Commerce user interface is not used.

We are very happy with the connection to Inxmail Commerce via the REST API. It’s a great product, and very well-documented. The implementation process was fun!

Christian Dörnen Software development, FORUM MEDIA GROUP GMBH

Integrations and connections

We offer best-of-breed solutions for ultimate flexibility and performance. Our powerful interfaces to CRM, ERP, CMS and online shop systems, as well as Web analysis tools, allow our streamlined Inxmail Commerce solution to be seamlessly integrated into your system landscape.

  • We provide a high-performance REST API for Inxmail Commerce.
  • Connection to your online shop system: Magento and OXID online shop users can use our standard connection.
  • We are currently working on additional standard connections, such as one for Shopware.
  • We work together with you to identify the ideal connection. You can rely on our service and our many years of experience.

Documentation and customer support

Enjoy the best support for your work.

  • Integrated online help for Inxmail Commerce.
  • Detailed documentation for the REST API.
  • Comprehensive and customised support service with rapid response times.
  • Wide range of services.
Daniel Löffler

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