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The solution for your transaction and system emails

Efficient one-to-one communication

Transaction emails such as order and dispatch confirmations, invoices, password reminders and status reports from online portals are particularly relevant for – and expected by – your customers. Leverage your recipients’ attention in a targeted way. Manage, create and send the emails generated in your systems such as your online shop or ERP centrally and easily in one solution with Inxmail Commerce.

  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Personalised, on-brand transaction emails
  • Automated mailing routes tailored to recipients
  • Reliably delivered mailings, worldwide
  • Flexible connection to online shop, ERP and other systems
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Central and easy with one solution

Efficient and effective one-to-one communication

Be it your online shop, ERP, CRM, customer portal, PIM or payment, Inxmail Commerce flexibly adds powerful interfaces to the systems that you already use. This grants you access to professional design, personalisation and dispatch functions for your transaction and system emails.

Design effective mailings

Assign your content using drag and drop with the Mail Builder. A template allows you to create mailings with the right look and in line your corporate design easily. All of the elements are responsive and automatically set to the respective format – smartphone, tablet etc. Check whether everything is displayed correctly in preview profiles.

Easy and targeted automation

Has a customer redeemed a voucher? Have they paid an invoice? Define suitable follow-up mailings depending on recipient behaviour. Establish the optimum time for dispatch. You can use the workflow editor from Inxmail Commerce to easily create automated mailing routes using a modular principle.

Rely on deliverability

Increase your customers’ satisfaction: make sure that important information such as invoices or password reminders reaches your customers in good time. Deliver order and dispatch confirmations quickly and reliably by benefitting from our powerful and failsafe technology hosted in Germany. Whitelisting, email authentications and our years of experience in more than 20 countries ensure you have maximum delivery rates.

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Streamlined solution, easy connection, multiple advantages

Emails that win your customers over

Tap into new sales opportunities

Surprise your customers with customised content based on recipient responses or purchasing behaviour in your online shop. Implement targeted cross-selling and upselling campaigns. Deliver suitable complementary offers tailored to your recipients’ needs. Set yourself apart from the competition with services such as reminder emails for consumer products or back-in-stock emails.

Unburden your IT resources

Inxmail Commerce’s easy operation allows you to finally implement transaction emails efficiently and save IT resources. The streamlined solution is easy to implement and maintain. At the same time, Inxmail Commerce assumes the function of sending emails, relieving the load on your connected systems. Your online shop will thank you with faster reaction and loading speeds, and your customers will have more fun shopping.

Benefit from a complete overview

Dispatch, delivery and bounce information allows you to keep track of email retention and examine the reasons why a delivery was unsuccessful. This makes your follow-up process seamless, and also helps your customer support team to respond to enquiries faster.

Test, measure and optimise

Split tests automatically select the most successful version of a mailing. In addition, the success of your transaction emails can finally be measured: Inxmail Commerce adds tracking and evaluation options to systems such as ERP or your online shop, allowing you to keep a close eye on all the relevant key figures. This lets you optimise your transaction emails, while at the same time gain useful insights into the behaviour and the interests of your customers to help inform your other marketing activities.

Clever connection

Does your online shop run on Magento, Spryker or OXID? Key transaction emails such as order confirmations and payment reminders are available for these systems as standard in Inxmail Commerce. We offer our high-performance REST API for all other systems. You can use it to customise your interface.

Reliable service

Our experts cater to your requirements, consider which system connections are appropriate and how both you and your customers can benefit the most from them. We not only set up Inxmail Commerce for you, we can also implement transaction emails for you, if you so wish. You can rely on our customised support service with rapid response times.

Inxmail Commerce prices

Customised offer

  • Costs for hosting and administration
  • Deliverability team for optimal deliverability included
  • 1-hour user support per month
  • Optional and individual services

Inxmail Commerce

  • Full range of functions
  • Template-based mailing editor for creating highly personalised system and transaction emails
  • Graphical workflow automation editor
  • A/B split test, reporting, and much more

Mail relay

  • Simple improvement of your deliverability
  • Use Inxmail’s dispatch infrastructure
  • Open- and click-rate tracking

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